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About Us

Prevention & Cure by Nature

Ayurveda, the 5000 years old traditional Indian medicinal science, is a way of life.

The Medibiz Ayur Home, situated at Varkala, is the only Ayurveda Resort in India to be functioning with the accreditation of the prestigious World Medical Council, a forum designed for the continuous and conscious development of the medical industry. The property is managed by the Aries Group of Companies with its visionary CEO, Mr. S K Sohan Roy at the helm, who has diversified interests in the Wellness & Medical industries.

Envisioned as a medical tourism hub of India’s rich past, Medibiz Ayur Home is a fully integrated homely wellness resort that aims to revive, strengthen and globally establish the practitioners of India’s oldest medicinal sciences such as ayurveda, yoga, siddha and naturopathy. It is also the only one of its kind in the world to educate and guide the patients in the right direction to find the suitable treatment destination for their disease.

Medibiz Ayur Home offers India’s ancient medicinal sciences in its most original form through herbal treatments and an Organic Life Style. A strict quality policy of preventive wellness is adhered to, with 100% dependence on herbs grown in and around the treatment centre and total avoidance of synthetic medicines.

Medibiz Ayur Home was inaugurated on Oct 8th 2017 during the 1st Medibiz Ayur Excellence Awards 2017 held at the resort. Read More about Medibiz Ayur Excellence Award.