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One Day Packages

One Day packages

Our one day package is carefully designed to give you a full experience of rejuvenation and refreshment in the shortest time. Our experienced physicians who have profound knowledge in ancient ayurvedic therapies will look after every aspect of your health to leave you with a clear, balanced and healthy body. The one day package comprise of a capsule of basic ayurvedic therapies and treatments including head massage, neck massage and shirolepanam. The package includes all the necessary treatment sessions at an affordable rate and is specifically useful for those with a busy schedule.

The rate chart of treatments is given as follows:

One Day packages

Head & Face MassageRs 500 + Room & Food cost
Neck & Shoulder MassageRs 500 + Room & Food cost
Arms & Legs massageRs 500 + Room & Food cost
ShirolepanamRs 1000 + Room & Food cost
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Head and face massage:

The head and face ayurvedic massage will give you a unique experience of refreshment. Ayurvedic head massage is known to reduce stress, headache and anxiety. The massage will let you sink into a calm state of mind, improves sleep and gives positive energy to your body. The head massage is proven to have numerous health benefits, and prevents ailments of head.

Neck and shoulder massage

The lack of or irregular exercise tends to make our body stiff, rigid and vulnerable to numerous kind of body pains. Our specially designed ayurvedic massage will open new channels of blood flow in the neck and shoulder region leaving the stiffness behind. The massage will improve the blood circulation and increases the oxygenation of tissues. It will also help to improve flexibility of tissues.

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Arms and legs massages

Now and then our muscles need a break from its mundane inactivity. The soothing of our body muscles will naturally improves our mood and makes us calm and relaxed. A good massage of arms and legs will instantly give us a warm feeling in mind and body. Undertaken by qualified masseuses, the body massage will provide complete refreshment to your body.


Shirolepanam /thalapothichil is an ancient ayurvedic practice that increases and maintains proper blood circulation. It also provides nourishment to eyes and skin improves sleep and preserves the essential moisture of the skin. Shirolepanam is the technique of covering the scalp with essential oil and natural herbs inside a headgear made of medicinal plants.

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