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Places To Visit

Varkala Beach

Varkala is often regarded as the major tourist hub of Kerala. Spread across long sandy beaches and coconut trees, Varkala shows off Kerala’s own medical and recreational heritage. Varkala is the center of original Ayurvedic traditions, one of the few places that are still dead set on preserving Ayurvedic treatments in their pristine form. Varkala is also the perfect place for a quite getaway, as the high number of tourist flow every year suggest.

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The Papanasham Beach

Ayurveda hospital in Kerala - beach

The Varkala beach provides the best ambience of a vacation in gods own country, creating its own magic. The sandstone cliff is a wonder in itself to be providing nice sightseeing views of the beach. The scenic beauty around is sure to refresh any tired mind. The Papanasam beach radiates a unique atmosphere of nature intertwined with Hindu mythology.

Janardana Temple

The 2000 year old Janardana swami temple near Papanasham beach open doors to Varkalas enchanting ancient history. Also known as Varkala temple, it is devoted to lord Vishnu. The atmosphere around the temple is believed to have medicinal properties and healing effects much like any other part of the place.

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Ayurveda centre in Kerala - ashram

Sivagiri matt is a major historic point and is also considered a place of reverence, peace and meditation. This pilgrimage center, built around 1904, by Sri Narayana guru emphasizes his beliefs on one god one religion concept. Sivagiri has been a major holy center for decades attracting devotees from worldwide. According to many, The sivagiri mutt is said to be radiating a devotional energy all the time and is the perfect place for a spiritual retreat.

Kappil Lake

Kappil Lake is an integral part of any Varkala visit, complete with water sports and boating activity. The river on one side and beach on other is a sure thing to blow your mind. This lake, as certified by its visitors every year offers a cool and calm environment raw natural beauty.

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The Aquarium

Ayurveda resort in Kerala - fish

The Varkala aquarium is another major attraction for fish lovers. It is a small aquarium but showcases many different fish species and is a sure entertaining spot for animal lovers. Situated between Black beach and Odayam beach, the aquarium shows huge tanks of exotic species of fishes.

Varkala has been attracting tourists from all over the world with its unique charm and healing environment. This place radiates a special mixture of religion and nature, offering its visitors something to marvel on.