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Weight Reduction Package

Ayurvedic Weight Loss or Obesity Management

Obesity is a problem that is affecting the mental and physical wellness of thousands of people across the world.  The fast running world has made life intense for most of us and it has badly influenced the normal metabolism of healthy human body. Obesity is one of the most-discussed health problems plaguing our generation. Every one in ten person in the world is suffering from excess weight currently. Lucky for us, Ayurveda has a solution for the problem of obesity. Ayurvedic treatments have known to reduce excess weight by considerable amount leaving a healthy, ailment-free body that has good immunity to diseases.
Medibiz ayur home offers a weight reduction package that guarantees to transform your body into slim, natural fit burning out all the excess calories. Our ayurvedic treatment packages are refined and hundred percent organic. The package will suit anybody regardless of the time availability and budget. Our weight reduction package includes general body massage with steam bathe, sneha panam, purgation, powder massages and feet massages.

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Weight Reduction Package

General body massage with seam bath1 Day
Sneha Panam7 Days
Purgation1 Day
Powder massage7 Days
Feet massages5 Days
Cost for Package (Including Room & Food)Rs: 129000