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October 24, 2018

Yoga Postures For Instant Stress Relief

One might wonder- there is seemingly no connection with physical activities and what goes through mind. It looks like body is just a tool of mind. Well, Ayurveda disagrees. Physical activities and body postures has everything to do with wellbeing of mind. Mind is simply a train of thoughts controlled by our emotional dynamics. And physical postures –what we do with our body has direct impact on our feelings. It’s a great news for anybody who believes we cannot escape from the vicious circle of negative thoughts eating us up. Here are three great body postures you can do instantly to enjoy immediate relief from stress.

Bridge pose

Bridge pose is an instant stress reliever. Lie flat on the ground on your back. Take a deep breathe. Keeping your arms and feet on the ground, and gently rise. Relax in the position and breathe. Keep the posture for two minutes and you will immediately feel a restoring energy channeling through you. Bridge pose increases your blood circulation and improves your mood.


The dog pose

This posture works like a charm as a peace maker. It is simple to do and provides immediate calmness and refreshment. Get on all fours and look up. As you do this, slowly inhale. Arch your body upwards and slowly breathe out. Repeat this process a few times. You can do this posture wherever you are. Focusing on breathe is important. The air circulation will relax your mind and gives a rejuvenating action.


Puppy pose

Also called Uttana Shishosana, this pose calls for a stretching action like a cat or dog does. Stretching provides enormous benefits to the body. Ever seen a cat stretches? Lie on your front. Rise up on your arms. Look up and curl your body back stretching your arms front. Stretch and bend like you are praying to the earth. And go back to the former state. Repeat the process as much as you like. Experience a slow relaxation kicking in.


Shavaasana or corpse pose

Shavaasana is the easiest yet most important pose in any yoga session. One might wonder what’s so special about lying like a log. The corpse pose is often the final pose after a chain of Asanas. Your whole body is relaxed but in a state of awareness. Shavaasana is an exercise of body awareness. Lie down with a straight spine and be conscious of every ripple that goes through the body.  Relax and run your awareness through the body starting from the toes to the top of head. Watch as your mind slips into a state of utter calmness.
You can try these poses any time of the day. It’s too simple to follow and has immediate health benefits. Researches have shown that positive body affirmations create positive energy flows. This leads to a sudden improvement of your mood and feelings. Try out these techniques before starting your day, especially if you have some important tasks to do that day.

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