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Yoga practices

Yoga is the healing of body and mind from the insides. Yoga is a very effective lifestyle practice that will keep you healthy, active and positive all the time. Yoga will help you lead a stress free life and enhances prolonged lifespan. Yoga is the traditional cure for all types of body ailments –physical and mental. The ancient philosophers of India have advertised the advantages of yoga in many forms of texts. Many people who have been practicing yoga for a long time, claims that yoga has changed their life for better.

Ayurveda believes that the body and mind are one continuous from. That the changes in one can affect the other. This is the basic theory behind yoga.

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The fundamental blocks of yoga are asanas or body postures. There are a large number of asanas rated and ordered according to their complexity. There are basic asanas to highly complicated asaans that can only be followed by a true yogi. Continuous training will enable anybody to master all the assanas.

The body postures will help one relieve the tension in body muscles. The stretches are designed such a way that they increase the blood circulation in tissues. Different positions work on various aspects of the body like blood circulation, increasing oxygen supply etc. the body postures, breathing and meditation together achieve the continuous rejuvenation of the body. Yoga will help you attain the perfect harmony of mind, body, soul and consciousness. Yoga practices also benefits the internal organs, glands and skin. The physical and psychological effects of yoga are boundless.

Yoga and stress

Yoga is known to be a great remedy for stress.  Today’s world is so fast and intense that we often feel exhausted just from the free flow of mind and thoughts.  Thoughts guide our actions. So negativity in mind can creep up into your daily tasks and challenges. About 80% of world’s population suffers from stress and anxiety. Yoga and meditation teaches the mind to focus so that the mind can momentarily switch off its mad run for thoughts and calm down for a bit. A cool and calm mind can process things better and form sharper decisions. The thought pattern changes from emotional to logical. This greatly benefits the overall health condition of a person. Thus yoga benefits he career, communication and relationships pf people. Yoga helps us to live a stress free and happy life.

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Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic yoga has special techniques to deal with various body ailments and bring cure to undesirable body problems. Some of the problems which can be easily rectified with yoga are

  •  Bach ache / Neck pain
  • Arthritis and joint pain


  • Sleep disorder
  • Asthma
  • Menstrual disorder

Our specialties

Yoga Awareness Program

A demo of basic yoga and meditation practices that are informative and gives a glimpse of the various benefits of yoga.

General Yoga

The general yoga practices, basic asanas, yoga nidra and pranayama

Advanced Yoga

Demonstration & teaching of classical Asanas, Surya Namaskara, Yoga nidra, Pranayama and Meditation.

Surya Namaskara

Classic sun salutation technique with basics and demo


Breathing exercise to control the circulation of Prana through proper breathing and attain a relaxed state.


A glimpse into the basic lessons of meditation. Meditation helps in the   rejuvenation of body and mind. Meditation helps to achieve mindfulness, happiness, focus and sharpness.

Stress Management

Quick relaxation technique, deep relaxation technique, asanas that help to get better sleep and specific stress relieving exercises

Our yoga packages include

  • Basic Yoga | 
  • Intermediate Yoga | 
  • Advanced  Yoga | 
  • Occupational Stress Management